The Opportunity Canvas

Your new growth strategy on one page


The Art of Opportunity will help you


Discover Opportunities for New Growth


Craft Strategies and New Ventures to Seize those Opportunities

Discover Opportunities for New Growth

Launch Your New Growth Businesses


What The Art of Opportunity offers

“The Art of Opportunity will help trigger strategic renewal inside your organization. Creative, inspiring, fresh, and empirically grounded, this playbook to growth is bound to be an executive reference for many years to come.” Deryck J van Rensburg, President Coca-Cola Global Ventures

“The Art of Opportunity is all about creatively discovering new growth opportunities for your company and crafting a collaborative strategy that will get you there. Not only is the content powerful, the design is stimulating for the eyes as well as the mind. Read this book and start innovating!” Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and Collaboration Begins with You


The Art of Opportunity will help you solve challenges like:

+ How to find and seize opportunities for new growth
+ How to design new ventures
+ How to apply design thinking, agile, and responsive principles to strategy and innovation
+ How to create more value for your customers, company and ecosystem
+ How to innovate strategically and design new business models

A Roadmap to New Growth and Innovation

The Art of Opportunity provides clear directions and outlines the steps and activities necessary to:

+ Find opportunities for new growth,
+ Craft offerings, business models and revenue models to seize those opportunities, and
+ Launch your new strategy, venture or business successfully in the market.



Templates and posters to visualize your opportunities, strategy, and much more.

Visualizations, templates, tools, and methodologies for you to quickly apply to your business.

Case studies

16 in-depth case studies illustrating how other companies did, plus numerous short stories as inspiration.

Previously unpublished case studies with detailed examples of successful growth strategies that few have seen before.


Detailed descriptions of activities to support the implementation of The Art of Opportunity framework in your organization.